DIY Nail Polish Ideas

DIY Nail Polish Racks

DIY nail polish racks offer tidy and well-organized supplies. You can make this item without sending too much money buying a rack just for your hobby. Let your creativity flow then see the result. You can use white foam boards, scissors, dowels, contact paper, and more. If you have many nail polishes, you should make this rack so those will be well-organized and tidy. You will also have easy access […]

Pink Spring Nail Colors

Spring Nail Colors 2014

Spring nail colors 2014 gives romantic and charming effect. This season also brings happiness for all people. You can design your color to give warm and affection. Pink usually is very popular but you can also have nice design with flower, leaf, or other motifs. Pink purple is also a nice combination to create romantic feeling in February as your spring nail colors 2014. Red will always be popular in […]

Summer Nail Colors Pinterest

Summer Nail Designs 2014

Summer nail designs 2014 will likely be very colorful and cheerful. People may like to have nice bright color like red, oranges, yellow, dark ink, green, and more. You can create fresh look on your orange color by using gel. It will make your nail look like the inside of the orange itself. You can also have summer nail designs 2014 with fruit sticker on your nail. It is a […]

Lovely Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Print Nail Designs

Leopard print nails have good impression on everyone. This is a good design that will make you look wild yet alluring. You can do various things on your nail but combine the right color is the first important step to do. You can have gold, black and pink color to create pink leopard print nails. Even you can make natural leopard nail art design, pink will make you look feminine […]

Best Pink Nail Designs

Valentine Pink Nail Designs

Pink nail designs are available in various color shades and salon. Try to have different touch on your pink finger. You can try to combine your pink polish with other color like yellow or black. Some pink nail designs look even better with silver color as their decoration. You can also use beads or stone on your nail. It will increase its beauty. You can use acetone after applying top […]


Easy Nail Art Designs

Easy nail art designs offered in various places. You need to pay for an equal price even more to get nail service. You can try to do it at home. This will cost you cheaper than salon. Open your Internet then browse for cheap offer on nail supplies and tool. Choose the best color to suit your needs and preference. There is an easy trick and instruction to follow. The […]

Beautiful DIY Nail Art

DIY Nail Art Design

DIY nail art designs will be a good thing for girl. This can be a good business idea or hobby. The first thing that you need is practice. Make sure you have all the basic supplies and tools. You can just buy it from nearest store. The thing that you need to do is watch. Watch various videos from YouTube. It will give you much reference to create your DIY […]

Best Pink and White Nails

Natural Pink and White Nails

Pink and white nails look very natural on your finger. You can have this white and pink color on your nail by doing French manicure. Just do not forget to clean the cuticles. You can also add more pinky blushing color on your hand by adding nail polish and white pencil or white polish. It will bold your pink and white nails color though it may look not too natural […]

Awesome Marble Cool Nails

Marble Cool Nail Designs

Cool nail designs are various but marble is special. This design made from cool water and 3 or more different nail polish color. It is easy to do and very simple. You can have other model as well so it will be a good variety. Cool nail designs like polka dot or stripe is a good option. You just need a nail pen so that you can make the dot, […]

beautifull nail

Cool Easy Nail Designs

Cool easy nail designs are very popular among girls. This choice makes them look gorgeous. Some of them even think that nail design increase their confident. It is a new business that will give you a lot of money. You can choose to have simple design without any decoration or girly and frilly design. Most of you should be able to do cool easy nail designs since it is very […]