Cute Nail Ideas From Gel

Cute nail ideas come from everywhere. You do not need to find an inspiration from certain places. Some of the best ideas come from unexpectedly closest thing to you. Most people use fake nail so they can apply the polish on the fake nail though it still give bad effect on your nail. You can use beads or glitter powder to create nice nail idea. Cute nail ideas from gel […]


Cool Nail Polish Designs

Cool nail polish designs have more varieties. People can find what they need in short time. More nail technician give best service by giving nice for each customer so none of the customer will have boring model. Nail art can cost you a lot but you can save more by doing it at home. This will take time and energy but it is worth to try. Cool nail polish designs […]


Cool Easy Nail Designs

Cool easy nail designs are very popular among girls. This choice makes them look gorgeous. Some of them even think that nail design increase their confident. It is a new business that will give you a lot of money. You can choose to have simple design without any decoration or girly and frilly design. Most of you should be able to do cool easy nail designs since it is very […]

Arcylic Cute Nail Designs

Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Easy nail art designs for short nail are very easy for you to do. For those of you who are beginners and just learning to decorate your nails, you can start with this one way. There are two basic ways to make easy nail art designs. Manual print is a way to decorate your nails with nail paint directly above. The tools used are usually just brushes and nail polish. […]

Nail Gel Art Design

Glitter Nail Gel

Glitter nail gel offer temporary design for short time occasion. It is a simple material for useful and meaningful time in an urgent case. This gel is easy to use and cheap. You can just pay for one dollar to get gel polish. Some of nail technicians also use gel to give additional touch on their design. It gives glam look without being too much. This material is not too […]


Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter nail designs will make you look glamour. It is very suitable for party and dinner invitation. You will look even more stunning. Glitter nail designs will support your appearance. Make sure you come to the right nail salon to get the best idea. It is also a nice way to maintain your dignity. Choose to have beaded glitter nail designs so you do not have worry with other thing. […]

Cute Pink Konad Nail Art Design for Short Nail

Konad Nail Art Design

Konad nail art is very durable. This is a new product that will boost the versatility and durability of your beautiful polished and maintained nail. You should know that this product is quite expensive. It will be a lot better if you invest some of your money to have Konad nail art supplies and equipment. This Konad is not easily chipping or cracking for weeks. A set of Konad will […]

French Manicure Nail Designs4.126

Classic French Nail Designs

French nail designs are very common and still popular even in this modern day. This is a classic style which last forever. All ages are suitable for this style. It has been known for so long and originated of France. France women have good taste on fashion and beauty even today Paris is the fashion center of the world. French nail designs are the simplest nail idea. The only thing […]

Fun Cute Acrylic

Glitter Acrylic Nails Ideas

Glitter acrylic nails ideas are one of the best choices since it is versatile and durable. It will not crack or chip within few days. It takes week to fade and you can just fill the gap between your growing nail and the acrylic. The bad side is its side effect. Some people have yellow and fungi on their nail after wearing this. Unlike Konad, this material gives bad side […]

wedding nail art

Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding nail designs should make your appearance look nice and sweet. There are more things to do for this kind of occasion. The best thing to do is to make sure you have the best nail technician. You may save money by doing it at home but for maximum result, you have to invest. Ask the salon to make white wedding nail designs for your need. Make sure your nail […]