Spring Nail Colros with Flowers Designs

Elegant Spring Nail Colors Art Designs

Spring nail colors give romantic and charming effect. This season also brings happiness for all people. You can design your color to give warmth and affection. Pink usually is very popular, but you can also have nice design with flower, leaf, or other motifs. Pink, purple is also a nice combination to create a romantic feeling in February as your spring nail colors. Red will always be popular in all […]

Cute and Easy Nail Designs for Women

Beauty Easy Nail Designs

Easy nail designs are available for all. You can make your own design since the limit is your imagination. This is a good way to start a new hobby. Who knows you can open your own salon and start running a new business. Easy nail design offers more than just style but also creativity. Do the basic treatment for the nail. After doing it, you can apply the basket with […]

Konad Nail Art Walmart

Amazing Inspiring Konad Nail Art

Konad nail art is very durable. This is a new product that will boost the versatility and durability of your beautiful polished and maintained nail. You should know that this product is quite expensive. It will be a lot better if you invest some of your money to have Konad nail art supplies and equipment. This Konad is not easily chipping or cracking for weeks. A set of Konad will […]

DIY Eyeshadow Nail Polish

DIY Nail Polish Racks

DIY nail polish racks offer tidy and well-organized supplies. You can make this item without spending too much money buying a rack just for your hobby. Let your creativity flow, then see the result. You can use white foam boards, scissors, dowels, contact paper, and more. If you have many nail polishes, you should make this rack so those will be well-organized and tidy. You will also have easy access […]

Glitter Nail Polish Designs Pictures

Beaded Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter nail designs will make you look glamour. It is very suitable for party and dinner invitation. You will look even more stunning. Glitter nail designs will support your appearance. Make sure you come to the right nail salon to get the best idea. It is also a nice way to maintain your dignity. Choose to have beaded glitter nail designs so you do not have worry with another thing. […]

Creative DIY Nail Art Ideas

DIY Nail Art Design

DIY nail art designs will be a good thing for a girl. This can be a good business idea or hobby. The first thing that you need is practice. Make sure you have all the basic supplies and tools. You can just buy it from the nearest store. The thing that you need to do is watch. Watch various videos from YouTube. It will give you much reference to create […]

Cute Easy Nail Designs with Diamond

Cute Easy Nail Designs for Teens

Cute easy nail designs as Hello Kitty or flower is very nice. This kind of simple design is a good material to strengthen the bond between you and your daughter or sister. You can just design each nail in turn. Cute nail design with the sticker is the easiest way though you can also have acrylic for your nail. Sticker and gel are a lot safer than acrylic. Create your […]

Nice Glitter Gel Nail Pictures

Chunky Glitter Nail Gel

Glitter nail gel offers temporary design for the short time occasion. It is a simple material for useful and meaningful time in an urgent case. This gel is easy to use and cheap. You can just pay for one dollar to get gel polish. Some of nail technicians also use gel to give an additional touch on their design. It gives a glam look without being too much. This material […]

Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

Easy Nail Polish Designs and Ideas

Cool nail polish designs have more varieties. People can find what they need in the shortest time. More nail technician gives better service by giving nice for each customer, so none of the customer will have boring model. Nail art can cost you a lot, but you can save more by doing it at home. This will take time and energy, but it is worth to try. Cool nail polish […]

Cool Nail Designs for Kids

Creative Cool Nail Designs

Cool nail designs are various but marble is special. This design made from cool water and 3 or more different nail polish color. It is easy to do and very simple. You can have another model as well, so it will be a good variety. Cool nail designs like polka dot or stripe is a good option. You just need a nail pen so that you can make the dot, […]